50th Anniversary

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Saba Italia
8 Iron Products by Saba Italia
Saba Italia

RING | Square coffee table

Square glass and iron coffee table

€ 1,481.08
Saba Italia

RING | Octagonal coffee table

Octagonal glass and iron coffee table

€ 2,303.36
Saba Italia

RING | Round coffee table

Round glass and iron coffee table

€ 1,459.12
Saba Italia

RING | Oval coffee table

Oval glass and iron coffee table

€ 1,676.28
Saba Italia

ZIGGY | Coffee table

Round iron coffee table with integrated magazine rack

€ 461.16
Saba Italia

LEYVA | Wall-mounted bookcase

Open wall-mounted iron bookcase

€ 2,664.48
Saba Italia

LEYVA | Freestanding bookcase

Open freestanding iron bookcase

€ 3,367.20
Saba Italia

LEYVA | Coffee table

Low iron coffee table

€ 624.64